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Pre-Orders for Hanukkah Party
2-4 pm

Pre-order and pay now.  Your pieces will be waiting for you at the party!

Price includes pottery piece, all glazes used, and the firing we will complete in the kiln.

Pottery will be available by Friday, December 8 for pick up.

Our Philosophy

 At  Palette Art Studio, our focus is on the PROCESS, not the PRODUCT itself.

Children are natural creators,  from the time they are able to put a crayon to paper.

When art education is introduced, they become aware of what they see around them. A personal style of expression starts to develop within them as they depict their surroundings. Depending on the student, their art might be realistic or totally out there. But it will be meaningful to them as they grow towards a personal expression. Elements and principles of art will be taught depending on each individual lesson, that being said, the children will be able to adapt to their given style to accomplish the project. There are no right or wrong answers to creating art. Students are able to build on their artistic endeavors and skills by practice, while gaining confidence with each new project. Given the chance to be creative, children get a way to express themselves. They are excited to show off their new talents and projects.

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